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Increasingly, retailers are in demand for support on Social Media. Customers demand a response within a timely manner - and more often than not this occurs outside of working hours, on evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays.

Relationship building is essential to create retailer-to-customer trust. These customers now expect communication and interaction with their favourite brands and give their loyalty to brands who understand this. Retail communities must be authentic, transparent and accurate in their response to customers.


"When consumers’ questions or complaints are ignored, 36% will publicly shame a brand and 1 in 3 will switch to a competitor".


Socialbear Communities assists in every phase of the customer journey.




The Challenge 

Nestlé approached Socialbear Community to provide a 5 minute response time to SMA baby milk social media responses. The in-house Community Management team required campaign specific weekday and out-of-hours support over Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Nestlé want to ensure that parents receive fast and accurate responses to understand the complex structure of breast milk.

Our Service

Working alongside Nestlé, the team built an in-depth knowledge base, tone-of-voice guidelines and legal compliance procedures.

Nestlé wanted to collect as much context as possible from DM's, paid ads and organic responses. Therefore, all campaign responses were supported by our unique sentiment analysis algorithm. By collecting data on sentiment trends and patterns, Nestlé now receives a full picture of SMA milks online brand reputation.

Our comprehensive monthly analytics provide the client with categorised labels for every response.


With comprehensive monthly analytics, Nestlé now receive insights into their SMA online community, categorisation reports for all social media responses and recommendations for campaign posts that produce the best sentiment score.


 Social Media Support for Nestlé - SMA Baby Milk

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Socialbear Community provides global Community Management for Social Media. This full-stack service includes: agents, management, security, training, analytics and data. 

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