Ensuring compliance on Social Media. 24/7
Social media has provided energy consumers with the power to share opinions worldwide with just one click.
In this competitive market, it is becoming increasingly important for organisations to analyse how they are being perceived on social media. Active Community Management has the power to change public perception of Energy as fast and accurate responses help shape the narrative around production, use and benefits.

Additionally, public sentiment on social media has important business implications for energy organisations. With sentiment data, organisations can track overall customer service performance analysis, prevent customers from switching and avoid social media crisis when it occurs.

Socialbear Communities works with energy companies to supercharge their customer support.


  • Customer queries

  • Recruitment

  • Compliant responses to all social responses

  • Complaints and refunds

  • Trade Show management

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Social listening

  • Individual customer analysis

  • Monthly sentiment analysis

  • Monthly response analysis


- Socialbear Community provide campaign specific weekday and out-of-hours customer support over Instagram, Facebook  and Twitter.

- All responses go through our sentiment analysis, providing the client with in-depth analysis on campaign performance.

About us

Socialbear Community provides global Community Management for Social Media. This full-stack service includes: agents, management, security, training, analytics and data. 

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